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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

  • Amit Ahuja
  • Ankur and Kajal Tibrewal
  • Dr Deeksha Chowdhary
  • Gauri Chandra
  • Jeeva Anna George
  • Nandini Parmar
  • Monica Gupta
  • Mudita Sachdeva
  • Preeti Pahuja
  • Prerna Handa
  • Priti Kumari
  • Rajesh & Taruna Bhatia
  • Rekha Pawar
  • Ritu Kathuria
  • Seerat Randhawa
  • Shiba Abbasi
  • Shikha Chhabra
  • Tushar Vij
  • Vartika Joneja
The reason for this group of people to come forward from different parts of INDIA  has only been to clear doubts about GLUTEN Content in food products available. Please remember that even though  some samples have tested in our favour, as in they are GLUTEN FREE, there may be a chance of contamination or change in the way the companies manufacture the same product in future.
We will continue to send products for testing till the time all the companies do not comply with writing Allergen information on their products.


anon said...
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anon said...


this boondi by Gits is advertised as gluten free on the packet.

however, i have problems.

could u help me test this?

anon said...

have you heard of tricia thompson?

she tests for gluten.. i think she's in US..

Reetika said...
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Reetika said...

Hi Anon,
We have realised that some companies are just copying labels and writing GLUTEN FREE when actually their products do contain gluten.
I have tried getting a sample of the product you suggested but its not available locally. Sorry but am unable to send it for testing.


Can someone suggest just any reliable test lab to authenticate gluten and lactose intolerance test in noida or Delhi.

Vicky said...

Can any one suggest, Gluten Free ice cream brands and flavors available in Delhi NCR

Carrie M said...

Please consider changing the heading of your site. Celiac IS a disease and NOT an allergy. There are many research articles and studies done that confirm this fact! You are spreading misinformation to people who come to your site looking for help and advice.

Gluten free life said...

Hi Carrie,
Apologies for the same. Point taken and changes have been made. Our only aim is to reach out and help people who are new to celiac.

Gluten free life said...

Hi Sanjay,
There are many labs in and around Delhi but my personal favourite is Dr Dangs Lab in Haus Khas.

Gluten free life said...

Hi Vicky,
Magnum confirms all its variants like Almond, Brownie and truffle to be Gluten Free. A random testing on Magnum Brownie flavour done in 2016 has also shown no traces of Gluten.
All ice lollies also have no Gluten.

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