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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Helping Hands

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

  • Amit Ahuja
  • Ankur and Kajal Tibrewal
  • Ankit Kapoor 
  • Bittu Gulati
  • Dr Deeksha Chowdhary
  • Gauri Chandra
  • Ishmit Baweja
  • Jeeva Anna George
  • Nandini Parmar
  • Monica Gupta
  • Mudita Sachdeva
  • Pavneet Vohra Soni
  • Preeti Pahuja
  • Priti Kumari
  • Prerna Handa
  • Purnima Arora
  • Rekha Pawar
  • Ritu Kathuria
  • Shiba Abbasi
  • Shikha Chhabra
  • Shilpa Saranjame
  • Tushar Vij
  • Vartika Joneja
The reason for this group of people to come forward from different parts of INDIA  has only been to clear doubts about GLUTEN Content in food products available. Please remember that even though these samples have tested in our favour, as in they are GLUTEN FREE, there may be a chance of contamination or change in the way the companies manufacture the same product in future.
We will continue to send products for testing till the time all the companies do not comply with writing Allergen information on their products.

Products available in Delhi which are GLUTEN FREE

Sunday, March 24, 2013

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Product Name
Type of
Available at

Lil Critters
Multivitamins ( For Children)
Modern Bazar
Auchan , DAYAL STORES, 37
Bob's Red Mill
GF Bread mixes,Xanthum Gum etc
Modern Bazaar, Krishna Super Marche
Auchan,Sweet Hearts
Auchan, DAYAL STORES, Modern Bazaar
Auchan,MORE,37,Modern Bazaar
Auchan,24X7,Modern Bazaar
Auchan,YUMMY, DAYAL STORES,Modern Bazaar
Auchan,YUMMY, DAYAL STORES,Modern Bazaar
 98.4 ,37,24X7
The Cake Point, INA Market,DAYAL Stores,Modern Bazaar
Some Namkeen, Bhujia, Boondi,Snacks etc Available at almost all local stores.
Soulful-Ragi Flakes
Breakfast cereals
Now Available in several flavours and Stores, Modern Bazar
* Not all the flavours are Gluten Free so check the labels before buying
More products and more locations coming soon ......

How to live the normal life with Gluten allergy

Saturday, October 27, 2012

You can lead an absolutely normal life post being detected Celiac by just being a little cautious of what you eat. This disease is no different from general cold or flu if you know what is good for you and what is not. Just follow these simple rules and you will know how easy it is to cope up with your normal life. These of-course are based on our experience and understanding and we are sure you would be molding these as per your taste and requirements but we do encourage you to share your tips with us so others too can benefit from those.

What to Eat

What NOT to Eat


Gram Flour(Besan), Arrowroot, Buckwheat(Kuttu Atta), Corn, Maize, Potato flour, Rice, Rice bran, Brown Rice, Sago(Sabudana), Tapioca, Soya, Soya bran, Soya flour, Amaranth, Quinoa, Samo Rice(Samak Ke Chawal), Almond flour, Flax seeds, Chia seeds, Sunflower seeds, Ragi

Wheat, Wholemeal, Wholewheat & Wheatmeal flour, Wheatbran, Barley, Rye, Rye Flour, Oats(Jav),Samolina, Museli. All Baked Foods made from Wheat , Rye, Semolina, Barley and Pearl Barley

Dairy Products

Eggs, Milk, Cream, Butter, Cheese, Cottage Cheese, Curd, Coffee Whiteners, Soya Products

Yoghurts, Cheese Spreads


Tea, Coffee, Herb Tea, Aerated Drinks ( Coke, Pepsi, Sprite etc.), Rooh Af Zah, Tang, Marmite , Most alcoholic drinks, Pediasure

Barley based drinks, barley fruit drinks, Beer, Malted drinks, Milk Additives (Like Nesquick, Boost, Complan Etc.)

Fruits & Vegetables

All fresh fruits and vegetables.Packaged to be used with caution unless mentioned gluten free


All except certain brands of baked beans and beans with a sauce which may contain gluten

Confectionary & Sweets

Jam, Marmalade, Sugar, Honey, Molasses, Golden Syrup, Some brands of Chocolate like Wheafree, Amul (the ones without any wafer filling)

Avoid Indian sweets from sweet shops as they may be contaminated. Take the ones made only in gluten free facilities or made at home.

Soups & sauces

Many manufactured sauces, stock cubes and soups contain gluten

Soya sauce needs to be avoided unless the label says 'Gluten Free'

What is Celiac or Gluten allergy

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder of the small intestine that occurs in genetically predisposed people of all ages. It has been well-established that there are no drugs or medicines to cure this disease.The only solution is to adhere strictly to a 100% gluten-free diet for life. Gluten-free diet should NOT include Wheat (Gheun), Semolina (Suji), Refined Wheat Flour (Maida),Oats (Jai),Rye (Nivarika) and things made from them like bread, biscuits, chocolates, ice-cream, noodles etc.

• Celiac disease is a chronic digestive disorder in which damage to the lining of the small intestine leads to the malabsorption of nutrients.
• The destruction of the inner lining of the small intestine in celiac disease is caused by an allergic reaction to gluten.
• Gluten is a family of proteins present in wheat, barley, rye, and sometimes oats.
• Individuals with celiac disease may develop diarrhea, constipation, weight loss, flatulence, iron deficiency anemia, abnormal bleeding, or weakened bones. However, many with celiac disease may have either no symptoms or only vague abdominal discomfort such as bloating and excess gas.
• Children with celiac disease may also have stunted growth, and if untreated, childhood celiac disease can result in short stature as an adult.
• Small intestinal biopsy or an endoscopy is considered the most accurate test for celiac disease.
• Blood tests can be performed to diagnose celiac disease; these include endomysial antibodies, anti-tissue transglutaminase antibodies, and anti-gliadin antibodies.
• There is no cure for celiac disease. The treatment of celiac disease is a gluten free diet.
• In most individuals, a gluten free diet will result in improvement in symptoms within weeks. Many individuals report symptom improvement within 48 hours.
• In children with celiac disease, successful treatment with a gluten free diet can also lead to resumption of growth (with rapid catch up in height).
• Failure to respond to a gluten free diet can be due to several reasons: the most common reason is failure to adhere to a strict gluten free diet and also ignorance about HIDDEN SOURCES OF GLUTEN

• As children with celiac disease enter adolescence, many will experience reduced symptoms and remain free of the signs and symptoms of celiac disease until later in adulthood. This later reactivation can be by stress such as pregnancy or surgery.

Gluten Testing

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our daughter is a playful n naughty preschooler who like all those her age used to fuss about food. Meal times would be like war times and finishing one chapati would be an ordeal. No amount of coaxing, lecturing or scolding would make any difference to her eating habits when it came to wheat and related food and yet fruit would always be welcome. All this while her stomach was bloating .To cut a long story, she was diagnosed with Celiac disease and since then we have been on a constant journey of discovery. Along the way we've had despair,anxiety and a lot of question marks to give us company. Paranoia has become paramount when it comes to checking out food labels. Eating out means limited choice, long faces and upsetting questions like " Why can I not have this?" " Can I have only one of this?".

Even after years of jostling with this disease head on we still seem to be hitting the wall when it comes from picking out normal daily need products from the market. The bigger DEMON here seems to be the HIDDEN gluten intake from these products. Since in India we do not have any rules with regard to mentioning ALLERGEN information on food products we are sure that people with allergies face this problem regularly.

So instead of being part of a problem we decided to find a solution for it. That is how Gluten Testing started . Each month some products are taken from the market like butter / cheese/ ketchup/ ice cream etc. and are sent for testing.

We would like to thank all contributors  who  made Gluten  testing possible. Thank you all.
  • Ankur and Kajal Tibrewal
  • Bittu Gulati
  • Dr.Deeksha Chowdhary
  • Ishmit Baweja
  • Jeeva Anna George
  • Gauri Chandra
  • Nandini Parmar
  • Monica Gupta
  • Mudita Sachdeva
  • Pavneet Vohra Soni
  • Preeti Pahuja
  • Priti Kumari
  • Purnima Arora
  • Rekha Pawar
  • Ritu Kathuria
  • Shikha Chhabra
  • Shilpa Saranjame
  • Tushar Vij
  • Vartika Joneja

American Style Cream and Onion.

This has been our most controversial test so far as till some time back Pepsi co( the manufacturing co) was adding wheat fiber to the product. After testing this product it would be advisable to check the ingredients in future batches with the ingredients of this batch.